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Everything is now mobile. You can do your online banking, shop, pay for a cinema ticket all from your mobile handset or tablet and now playing casino is no different. You can now access the internet anytime anywhere and when you are bored in a queue waiting for a washroom at your local pub you will most likely log on to your phone and chat with friends or surf the web. Now you can access online casino games all at the touch of a button. While the online casino mobile clients don’t offer as many games as you would find on the computer version, you will find top brands have included firm favourites as well as amazing welcome bonuses and on-going promotions.

Canada Casinos Online loves the fact that casino has gone mobile because that means we are not restricted to where and when we play. Nowadays most of us own iPads let alone mobile phones and you will see that superior casinos cater for a variety of brands from iPhone to Android and Blackberry. We have tried to ensure that all the brands we review also cater for those who are restricted to their mobile phones and that the experience is not far from what you would have playing at a desktop.

Stamp-of-ApprovalAs with all our casino reviews we have a strict list of requirements that casino clients need to adhere too and our mobile casinos are no different. So if it is advertised on this site rest assured it has been quality checked and has our stamp of approval.