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Tomb Raider Slot

We have all heard of Lara Croft, a role made famous by Angelina Jolie sporting tiny shorts and giving the boys a run for their money. Here at Canada Casinos Online we are a huge fan of Lara and her assets, apologies we mean skills and now we have not one but two games dedicated to the infamous Tomb Raider. Of course we dont want to give too much away about here are a few highlights of each version of Tomb Raider!


If you prefer classic Miss Croft this is the game to play. With tomb relics and symbols you will be looking to enter the Tomb and do what Lara does best, raid! There are two special features one being the Tomb Raid and the gamer favorite Free Spins. This is your classic slot game that sings to the old school at heart. Try this game out below.

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Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword

This is the new release of the popular slot game Tomb Raider. With update graphics and effects you will experience gaming at its best. While of course we love the orginal Tomb Raider the Secret of the Sword takes Lara’s adventures to a whole new level. With not one but two free spin features one which is triggered randomly you will always feel the winning vibes with each spin. What sets this game apart from it predecessor is the Global Adventure Bonus. Of course we dont want to give too much away but be sure to have your passport on hand because you my friend are about to travel all over the world.

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This fantastic online casino slot game will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game play.

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